Download ODIN V3.07 For PC (Windows User Only)

When it comes to root on a Samsung android device, Odin 3.07 is a ROM flashing tool that you can choose from for a safer rooting process. With Odin you can be used to root most of the Samsung’s devices like galaxy s4, Note and much more.

If you have ever root your android device or have through about rooting, then you must know if anything goes wrong, you can say your smartphone goodbye for ever. And this can be more annoying when you want to root your newly owned S6 or 7. I know rooting your Android phones with one click root apps like Towelroot Apk & KingRoot Apk is easy nowadays but still rooting your Android phone is always risky. Moreover, if you want to restore your device warranty anytime, then you can always restore it using Odin flash tool. All you have to do is flash Stock ROM again.

When it comes to rooting, the first question that arises is, why would I root my device? Well look at the features that you will be able to enjoy after rooting your Samsung or other devices. odin

Features to Enjoy After Rooting:

  • Do as you please with no manufacturing limitation.
  • A Custom ROM to suit your requirement to the best.
  • A custom Kernel to install latest android versions.
  • Get the best out of free purchase and hacking apps.
  • Remove annoying pre-installed apps.
  • Backup your whole device the simplest way.
  • Remove ads forever from any apps or browsing.
  • Boost your device’s battery and performance.
  • Auto custom permissions for every apps.
  • Install any android which may have been Incompatible before.

And so these are a list of the best features that you can enjoy after rooting your android device. So, let’s talk about how you can root using the Odin 3.07. I will also tell you why you should choose Odin 3.07 to root your Samsung device.

All about Odin 3.07 & How to Use It?

Developed by Samsung, Odin is a windows software which is used to flash or Update ROM for Samsung Android Devices. The term flashing is related to updating or modifying your default android mobile devices OS. This is done maximum times to enjoy many new features and break through the limitation provided by developers of the default OS.

odin dashboard

Thing You Require to Use Odin 3.07:

  1. A Laptop/PC System running on windows OS.
  2. Download and install the latest USB driver for Samsung.
  3. For your device you will need FastBoot Tools and ADB.
  4. A data cable to connect your device to the PC/Laptop.

Cautions To Take Before you Start the Rooting Process:

Don’t go start for rooting by reading and following the steps below. Read the whole steps required to understand all about the rooting process.

  • Set a backup of your device in case anything goes wrong.
  • You will require to download the correct version of Odin 3.07 or the version that suites your device.
  • The USB driver should be updated first with your device driver.
  • Download the custom ROM that will be supported by your device. Don’t go for any Custom ROM which even shows a single red flag.
  • Every single Samsung device has its own configuration so all the device will not have the same ROM or rooting process.

So, now that you know what you will require and also what precautions that you need to take, here is how you can use Odin 3.07 to root your device.

Download Odin

Rooting With Odin 3.07:

Here are the steps that you need to follow to root with Odin 3.07:

  1. First of all you will need to Run Odin using Administrator rights, so click on the “Odin3.07” folder and right click on “Odin 3.07” and click on “Run as Administrator”.
  2. Now you will need to set your device into download mode, to do so turn your device down and Press & Hold the Volume down and Home & Power simultaneously.
  3. You will see a warning icon and then you will need to click on Volume Up.
  4. Connect your PC/Laptop to your Device using a USB cable, keep it connected until you see a COM and Number.
  5. The final step is to check click the PDA block and browse till you find the tar file which you would be using to flash the device.
  6. Now you should see a window with the confirmation message.
  7. To fully image the TAR file, it will take up to 15 to 20 minutes and the minor files for recover will take around more 15sec for each.
  8. If everything goes correctly. After the rooting is complete, the device will reboot atomically into the boot screen. Don’t not remove USB cable before that.

Risks Involved During Rooting:

There are quite a lot of risks involved while rooting any device, until and unless you really know what you are doing. Even if you know what you know what you are doing, things can go wrong if your device fails to recognise or support any file.

There can be a few critical effects that can happen like:

  • Though clocking your devices CPU and GPU speed can be fun to tweak with to the fullest extent but if anything goes wrong the whole rooting can fail. You have to root from the start again and in worst case your device can get bricked.
  • Getting a device bricked is very common while rooting. It is not easy to unbrick a device again and it can even fry the internal hardware.
  • Though blocking ads is great for the user, it stops the developers from reviving any income and this creates problems for developers to upgrade or control new bugs.
  • A custom ROM or Kernel installation can fail easily if you chose any wrong version. This will totally brick your device leaving it unusable forever.

So this is all about Odin 3.07 and how you can use Ordin 3.07 to root your Samsung device.